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NUC Colonies

Our NUCs have been created and are being looked after by our expert DECA qualified team. Bubbling with bees, these hives are well catered for; being able to forage on rich protein sources throughout winter, our ladies are getting the 5-star treatment. We treat our hives for varroa during Autumn & Winter to ensure their health. The hives are well tempered, with a well-mannered Italian Queen leading the charge.

Nucleus colonies are held in full-depth coreflute boxes that have adequate ventilation and entry. If purchased, you can expect your NUC to consist of 2-3 frames of brood, 2-3 frames of pollen/honey, 5 frames of bees and a 2 frame feeder with ladders.


While our exceptional beekeeping team are looking after our nucleus colonies, they are also maintaining full-depth wooden beehives that are to be sold. These hives are full depth, 8 frame hives with a 2 frame feeder. Our colonies have really appreciated the spurts of warm weather provided here in Ardmore and are actively foraging on winter pollen sources and resource in the surrounding area. As mentioned previously, we treat our hives for varroa in Autumn & Winter to ensure their health.

If purchased, these hives will consist of 3-4 frames of brood, 2-3 frames of honey/pollen, 8 plastic wax coated frames, galvanised lid, wooden hive mat, hive doctor floor, 2 frame feeder with ladders & of course, an exceptional Queen.


Beaut Bees has always had a heart for Queen Bees and from the beginning it has been a journey of innovation, research and trial to perfect our techniques. We are always striving for more & have made great gain on our genetic improvement program. Our team are very excited about what is to come of our 2019-20 season!

All of our Queens are bred from carefully selected breeder Queens and drone hives. Queens are sent in mailing cages with nurse bees via overnight courier with expected delivery being the morning after dispatch (with exception of some rural locations). The Queen is well cared for by her loyal attendants & travel with candy to ensure she stays healthy in transit.

Our Queen Team are dedicated and experienced; Queen Bees are vastly different to their sons & daughters and it takes vast experience to learn the intricate nature of the Queen and her wide range of characteristics. It's always been a Beaut Bees priority to positively impact the beekeeping industry as a whole and we are keen to see the industry grow in a sustainable, professional and mature manner in New Zealand.

We sell both Mated & Virgin Queen Bees nationwide and supply new season Queens to beekeepers from Cape Reinga - Invercargill. Prior to dispatch our Queens are assessed and are checked for quality; Mated Queens are only harvested once a keeper has checked their laying patterns and have been seen to have either mature larvae or capped brood. Virgins are checked for activity, size, wing formation, leg functionality, colour & overall strength.

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