As we all know the Queen Bee is the ‘Heart of the Hive’. The Queen in all her natural beauty and characteristics creates the temperament, production, balance and performance of the colony – the most valuable and important bee, the producer of bees.


Our company is built on trust, loyalty and innovative business strategies to provide our staff and customers the best Queen Bees and the best service possible.

Our Queens are a byproduct of our love for the bees and the joy of keeping hives, the health and wellness of our bees is our upmost priority and it is a privilege to produce some of New Zealand’s top Queens. We are Leaders in Queen Bee Breeding and Rearing – producing Virgin Queens, Mated Queens and Queen Cells. We also sell NUC colonies and Hives from September – April every year.

From the beginning it has been a journey of innovation, research and trial to perfect our techniques. Our technicians are continually researching, measuring and quantifying the desired traits of our Queens; both in the field and in the Lab. Being commercial honey producers with thousands of hives gives our scientists a great advantage to our selective breeding improvement program. This allows us to analyse and observe the effect of different genetic strains across a wide spectrum. We have made great gain on our genetic improvement program and our Artificial Insemination, closed breeding program allows us to trace key elements and isolate the desired traits.

The focus of our Breeding Program is based on the creation of a Queen with strong over wintering ability, remarkable spring build-up and high honey production.

We hope you too have an exceptional experience with our bees.

We are an innovative company that is committed to the beekeeping industry as a whole and keen to see the industry grow in a sustainable, professional and mature manner in New Zealand.”


In 2015, our innovation and concentrated efforts led us to find a way to supply excellent Queen Bees at realistic pricing to Beekeepers nationwide.

Our Virgin Queen Program was one of the first of its kind in New Zealand, it was created through extensive trialing and research. We successfully established a process to produce wonderful, high quality un-mated Queens that could be sold at a more affordable cost than other Queens on the market at the time. Our Virgin Queens are able to travel well and arrive at their new home in the best possible condition. Virgin Queens are an excellent way to requeen or split colonies. There are many advantages in purchasing a Virgin Queen over Queen Cell.

  • Queens are sent in mailing cages with nurse bees, exactly like mated queens are sent around the country. The Queen is well cared for by her attendants.
  • Our specially formulated candy will ensure the Queen is fully nourished on her journey.
  • Queens can be introduced to your queenless colonies as soon as they arrive.
  • If you cannot requeen all your colonies in one day, the Queen will be perfectly okay until the next day.
  • Your Queens are put on the courier at 5pm, which means they are in the correct environment until the last minute. We use overnight couriers, with expected arrival the morning after dispatch, (in the exception of some rural locations, maybe 1-2 day delivery).
  • They will mate anytime from approximately day 4 to day 16 of her life. Good weather, warm temperatures and drone availability will be the contributing factors related to her mating success.
  • She will be ready to mate very shortly after her introduction. It is normal (more often than not) she is laying eggs in 10 days.


Thank you to our loyal customers who repeatedly purchase our Virgin Queens Bees, and continue to have great success.

 “Introduced virgin queens to my new splits, checked 2 weeks later…mated and laying well.”

– Absolutely thrilled. MT” Bob Giles, Beekeeper

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